Why I Founded Priestley

Matt Bell-Watson • 20 May 2020

Matt Bell-WatsonBecoming a parent changes your priorities overnight. In my case, adopting our son led to soul searching and reflection. My mind wandered as I focused on spending time with my new family.

For the first time in more than a decade, my days weren’t filled with PowerPoints, emails and meetings. Instead, I was taking long walks through the woods and pushing swings at the park. As well as trying to convince a stubborn three-year-old to start using a potty.

Between building dens and working through an endless pile of washing, I found time to think and to read more. That led me to contemplate starting my own business, focusing on using my strengths and doing what I’m great at. With Priestley, it’s exciting to have an opportunity to put my skills and experience to use to help brands communicate smarter.

The Thinking Brand’s Consultancy

Pandemics aside, businesses are grappling with complex challenges and difficult decisions every day. Some are struggling to find or define audiences, while others don’t know what to say when they do. Many are unable to put into words what sets them apart. While others baffle and bewilder prospects with incoherent messages. And now, in particular, businesses are looking for greater certainty.

At Priestley, we’re here to help. Our mission is to help brands make smarter use of data and insight. Our analytical approach helps businesses to understand, engage and convert priority audiences.

Our research and insights can give brands greater confidence when deciding what actions to take. We can help to answer questions like what pain points are my customers facing? How can we increase engagement? And why are my prospects not converting?

What Makes Priestley Different

As experts in research and strategy, we take an insight-led approach to everything we do. We develop strategies, messaging and content grounded in data and insight. This ensures greater relevancy and more impactful communications.

Our approach helps brands to communicate smarter. We combine audience, social and search data and analytics, with primary and secondary research. By understanding people as well as percentages, we can create audience-centric strategies. That’s the key to delivering measurable results.

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